Pronouns: he/him they/them

Probably in Dawg's waffle haus.

Programming related interests include VBA, Python, Forecasting and Machine Learning. Dabbled with other languages; the most recent being C#, Java, Javascript, R, SQL.....

Links I commonly refer people to:

  1. How to use browser Find box to apply css selectors and find strings in html 1 , 2
  2. Understanding CSS selectors
  3. Practicing css selectors
  4. querySelector and querySelectorAll
  5. Finding xhr requests that feed a page dynamic content 1, 2
  6. HTTP methods
  7. CSS :nth - tester
  8. CSS selectors level 3
  9. CSS Sandbox
  10. Browser css test suite
  11. Mastering nth-child
  12. Selenium methods - benchmarking
  13. CSS v XPath benchmarking
  14. Re-arranging elements - js
  15. Using :not to filter lists
  16. HTML5 for beginners

Links I always lose:

  1. Understanding Stack Exchange Data Explorer Schema
  2. Jon Skeet's checklist for writing a good question
  3. Test page for scraping
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