I graduated in geology at 2015, but I couldn't find a job. I am handicapped because of menthal issues and it took me too much to graduate, disaster of CV. I have followed 1st course of Oceanography master on a Erasmus year at Bordeaux.

I finally studied a public exam to enter on administration. I passed law and psychotecnics exams and I have an easy for me mechanography and Microsoft Office test 15th february.

I have been learning programming and sending CVs last years.

I am programming a mineral guide for smartphones (it will be published in a couple of months), and I plan to make more guides recycling the code. I want also a petrology guide, but I think to earn some chips I should migrate to other topics than geology as geography or astronomy guides.

I have played chess and poker for 20 years, mostly chess. I am starting to earn some chips on Omaha poker low tables. I am processing my hands with Python to calculate oponnents style and reading books. I plan to earn some extra money playing on afternoons and week-ends, said 1000€/month, as my salary as administrative asistant is gonna be low and want to save some money for my retirement in the case I need assistance.

My english is not good, I try it, but if I write uncorrectly, thanks in advance for editing my texts.

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