Kestutis ITDev

San Francisco, CA

Highly skilled Php programer (inc. all the related techlogies - HTML, XML, CSS 3.0, JavaScript, Ajax)

Also I'm have skills in Java, C++, C# and Assembler

My Experience:

Web engineering (6-8 years): Php (8 years), Smarty, Symfony/Zend, HipHop HTML5, CSS 3.0, XML, WSDL, SOAP, ASP.NET, SilverLight

Database engineering(2-8 years): MySQL (8 years), PostgreSQL (2 years)

Software engineering (2-5 years): C# (4 years), Java SE, Nokia Belle (QT C++, QML), C++ (ISO, Visual), C, ASM

Network & servers engineering: Ubuntu/CentOS, Varnish, Puppet, Cisco CCNA (including International CCNA Certification exam)

Experience working as a team-leader (teams of 3-12 people)

Specialities: Extreme programming, quick reaction, code quality

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