Programming fanatic. Since I was a gamer kid, I wanted not just to play games but also create my own ones. Therefore, I started programming and learned Pascal and Java, in which my first games were created. I wanted to gain more knowledge in software development, so I started attending a University in 2016, and in 2018, I started working as an Android developer while working on my bachelor's degree in informatics, which I completed in 2020. A few years later, I can say that uni was the biggest waste of my time and I wish somebody could give me the four years back :)

I am a huge blockchain and decentralization enthusiast, and while I was trying out different decentralized protocols on Ethereum, I started studying the code of these applications, and eventually, I started to develop them myself. This made me pursue a career in blockchain development, and I eventually started working on OpenBrush, at its time, the biggest ink! smart contract library.

Over time I realized I LOVE bugs, therefore I started working as a security researcher (still WIP :P)