John Birckhead

Houston, Texas, United States

I have spent the last 40 years building smart electromechanical systems for the most severe environments, primarily downhole and subsea applications, although some specialized parts for automotive, avionics and space applications. Since the parts are almost never rated for the ambient temperature specs, which are usually 350 - 400F, we do a lot of trial and error and learn how things work on the component level. We build our own brushless motors from the laminations up, with controllers and power supplies, along with various types of downhole sensors: nuclear, accelerometers, magnetometers, motion sensors, and all types of actuators. We often must work with discrete components because the IC's just won't do the job (or have over-temperature shutdown built in).

I use the site to answer questions and try to add if I see one not being answered. The advantage of being old is that you have seen many of the pitfalls and fallen into most of them! But the young folks know more about the new stuff than we ever did, which is what makes sites like these valuable.

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