Drew Latshaw

Sherwood, AR, United States


About me... from 1997-1999 I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Computer Animation and Multimedia Design. There, I had an intro to Photography class, and using a 35mm film camera, I had no interest in photography due to the cost of developing.

In recent years, life has gotten infinitely more complicated, and photography has actually allowed me to show people who I see the world. Being unable to talk to people verbally without frustration and misunderstandings, it is rage inducing. With photography, I can show people what is in my head, without a singe word said. Photography is truly a healing tool and creative outlet that has opened so many new facets of life to me.

Sadly, I must admit that I have no idea about the technical aspects of photography. I have a lot of questions, and not being able to learn from online sources/publications/videos, I tend to ask a lot of questions. I do apologize in advance!

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