Stockholm, Sweden

Where to start... with the most important thing: my Number One dream in life is to somehow change the world for the better. So pretty much all my existence right now is shaped around that. I work a lot, I learn, I evolve. I create free software (see more at SourceForge, I write, I donate, I help people when I can. I try to bring happiness into the lives of the people with whom I come in contact. The gift of somebody's smile because of something I did is the most wonderful present I get out of a few hours of time. I respect life and the Universe, and I try to make the most of every moment I am given on this Earth.

I have already taken the first few little but important steps in accomplishing my dream. CouchSurfing, for example, is a way I give something back to the world. Then again, there are other ways to give: I donated some hardware to a charity organization which also helped me when I was younger and I'm sure it won't be the last time I give something back to them. I wrote a few nice analysis articles on The Inquirer (a large IT website) for no charge at all, just to try and help people in understanding some things. These are all small feats, but the Butterfly Effect helps me dream that I did change the world, even if in an insignificant way, and, hopefully, for the better in the long run.

But my most important step in achieving this dream of mine is my Software Organization: Axonn Software Development. This is mostly about free and Open Source Software (such as my Mousenitor or my ASD Clock. When I find a few hours of spare time, in invest into ASD and I hope that I will bring a lot of good in the world through what I know to do best.