Woodworking: I have been woodworking for nearly 4 years now. I have enjoyed building various things out of wood and I love the natural look of many different varieties of wood. The best part is anything I make will last for a long time, when built right.

Gardening: I have been gardening for the longest time with my mother. Now I am a Master Gardener and try to be more 'professional' with the gardening. Always learning in this hobby and trying new plants.

3D printing: Both my hobbies are more of a summer thing due to the shop being outside in a non climate controlled building (for now). So I tried 3D printing and it has been very cool and useful. I use it to make "practical" things, not so much on models. It was been a great investment.

Otherwise I am a Jr at high school. Doing school, work, and my various hobbies always keeps me moving, but I enjoy what I do!