Moscow, Russia

I have nearly three years of experience with Python. My current work tasks are pretty wide: supporting and updating AWS services (EC2, ElasticSearch Service, CodeCommit, etc), developing Telegram Bots, developing Cryptocurrency Exchange data analysers, Developing Mobile & Desktop front-end (Vue.JS).

I’ve solved many various problems using Python in my own projects and in projects that were developed during the work: most of the projects were focused on automation of daily tasks, e.g. automatic posts on gumtree or automatic activity on various social media platforms.

During my internship in Russia, I had lots of tasks that involved various technologies: I've created dozens of SQL queries to accomplish business goals; supported lots of users over the phone, including executives of the company; implemented patches for corporative websites; and developed mobile apps that are still in use by the executives of the firm, apps main task was to provide visual analytics of current state of business accomplishments and downfalls (mainly accomplishments). For development, I've used Java, JavaScript and swift languages and a wide use of SQL.

During the years at university, I've gained experience with lots of different technologies, such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, jQuery, Django, CSS, HTML, VirtualBox, Docker containers. As well as university education I've gained certificates for these technologies from various providers.