Levi De Haan

Longmont, CO, United States


I have been working with computers since I was a very young child and I have never lost the wonder and amazement these machines bring to my life. I was fortunate to be born in this time because I speak the language of computers, not just at a programming level but from a deep understanding of how computers and the internet work.

I have been very lucky to have been given the chance to work in so many different areas of computing. From my first job at a local ISP building web sites for local businesses to designing and then building a framework and server architecture that will see millions of users every week.

I love what I do, and I bring that love and enthusiasm wherever I go. I can get anyone excited about computers and software because they are so exciting. While still relatively new to managing a good size team, I bring a good attitude and positive outlook while trying to keep it fun, because that is really what it's all about, happy programmers having fun make better software, there is no better recipe.

If I lacked nothing, I would do this for free. Would you?

Specialties: DevOps, Software/System Architecture, Server Management, Software Design, Application Development, Network Infrastructure, Project Management, Web Architectures, Network Administration, Web Development

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