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I give my time here because I get so much more in return.

Useful things I've written that might help you:

blinq: a modern typescript reimplementation of linq-to-objects over iterable objects

BkTree: a c# implementation of a Burkhard-Keller tree for indexing data in metric spaces.

ComparerBuilder: A small c# library for easily creating complex IComparer<T> instances that compare multiple properties. See this answer for a rationale.

ts-comparer-builder: A typescript library for creating complex "compareFunctions" for use with Array.sort. Very similar to ComparerBuilder above.

ts-bin-heap: A typescript binary-heap implementation. Very handy for priority queues, which in-turn are very useful for search algorithms such as A*.

Things I've written for other people:

pShare client (see also) for Duality solutions: A cross-platform, blockchain and WebRTC based file-sharing platform, written with TypeScript, React and Redux, using electronjs.

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