Greenville, SC, United States

I became interested in programming after dabbling in MS Excel VBA. Python seemed like a great intro language, which led me to completing the free Code Academy Python course. During the same time period, SQL was introduced to me at my job and I began to dive into that. SQL reminds me of Excel, so I love it!

Part of the reason I enjoy programming is because I want to be constantly learning. My focus right now is learning JavaScript and C# because they seem to be in high demand. My goal is to develop something (anything) in the future which will teach me real-world development skills and which will hopefully lead to a development job.

I'm also a jogger (fastest, mile 2017: 7:05, 5k: 26:something, 10k: 56.21), an "urban farmer", soccer player (prefer midfielder, but usually defender; GO BARCA!), an avid reader, and in general extremely curious.

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