By day: I am a student of biology at a relatively high quality university. My main focus is aging and how to stop it; I am especially interested in neurodegeneration because the stem cell therapies being pursued by others seem to be in a position to cure most other aspects of aging.

At night: When my day job doesn't require me to work night shifts, see "for fun".

For fun: (in no particular order)

Analyzing the structural violence of society that leaves young people attempting to acquire a quality education in $250,000 dollars of debt and spending their nights on schoolwork instead of spending a 5th or 6th year in school.

Dry humor (including following the "about me" format of this site literally).

Political activism from the relative comfort and supposed privacy of my computer (see Demosthenes' wikipedia entry; my activism is very much of the same form and purpose as his own).

Video games (Kerbal Space Program, Civilization 5).

Modding the former games.

Rationally critiquing consensus or near-consensus theories within and outside my major.

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