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Codidact is for those who are sick and tired of Stack Exchange's political agendas of mistreatment of their moderators who volunteer their undeserved time on this website to make it better. We as volunteers don't get paid yet Stack Exchange treats us like a bunch of people in the office and fails to realize that without us, this website would be nothing and would quickly devolve to something like Yahoo! Answers. Stack Exchange is not at all a bad website. They have money and employees who get paid to make it look nice.

Codidact is a new start. It promises to be non-bureaucratic and is created by Monica Cellio, yes "the Monica", and some of her colleagues. This website is also open source and extremely open to new suggestions. It is by no means a replacement of Stack Exchange, just a place for those who wish to get away from here.

Personal (not an origin story)

I'm in my mid 20s and I work at a large tech company as a Hardware IoT (Internet of Things) Engineer. At my company, I work on customer issues, develop and verify new products, write some code for automated machine configurations, collaborate with product management and marketing to see what technologies to integrate for customer needs, talk with vendors to see if they can supply a viable solution to our products, write out specifications for our products, and create a lot of block diagrams. I write a lot of Python scripts at work and use the RESTful and Redfish APIs when communicating to systems... I am very good with Python and C++.

My career goal is to one day work at NASA, just like my grandfather, who was an electrical engineer of flight navigational systems for the Gemini and Apollo missions. He is the sole reason why I am an engineer today.

Outside of engineering but with some science, I have an interest in artificial intelligence, microbiology, neurology, cybernetics, applied mathematical algorithms, and computer science. I have picked up a few things about quantum mechanics and relativity, though I wouldn't say that I'm exactly the best source of information for that.

For interests outside of engineering and science, I am learning how to use photoshop. I want to be able to draw things about space, sci-fi, or fantasy. With music, I studied some music theory in high school and I played piano and trombone. During my spare time, I watch anime, sometimes play video games, grab a beer, learn how to code particular things, and read textbooks.

(I am also slightly dyslexic so I may make typing mistakes when I post on here or misread what you say.)