Dalton Bentley

New Mexico, United States


Retired electronics application engineer (originally telecomm mux stuff then microprocessor control apps), software design engineer (e.g., 80's, did communications software for email app in 1984 on multitasking platform, C and 8088 assembly), IT business owner (retired; try quoted search "Gary Bentley (Southwest PC Solutions)" to avoid AI junk), former musician and recording engineer (try quoted search "About Dalton Bentley"), original matriculation psychology, subsquent EE. Writer/editor (various venues, include computer user group journal editor 2003 - 2010). Martial artist (now more physical therapy than threat) Polymath (original university study in psychology and sociology, continued those fields, among others).

In 2021 got a kick out of programming in Python 3.7, my solution to the 1971 backtrack 0,1,2 sequences generator Dijkstra published as a problem for the reader (see pg 85 "Notes on Structured Programming" by Prof.dr. Edsger W. Dijkstra, 1970, Technological University Eindhoven, Netherlands, Department of Mathematics, Report 70-WSK-03).Dijkstra backtrack problem solution in Python

A while back I put together a tutorial for those new to the Isabelle Proof Assistant (a LaTex typeset document with plenty of screen shots, as well as cites), an interface between computers and mathematical reasoning I suppose: Isabelle Tutorial