Figured I would use this space to give info about why I downvote.

Downvotes on questions

I typically downvote off-topic questions and low quality ones. To the latter group, I may leave a comment explaining my rationale.

How to make me amend the downvote

If your question is of low quality, follow the tips in the comment (if any) and ping me back. If your question is off-topic, there's nothing to do.

Downvotes on answers

I don't usually downvote answers. When I do, I disagree with you because you either:

  • claim facts without proof, or;
  • wrote a nonsensical answer, or;
  • your answer is essentially spam;
  • your answer is of low quality.

Since I seldom downvote answers, I almost always leave a comment explaining whatever flaw I found.

How to make me amend the downvote

Follow the tips in the comment and ping me back.

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