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Grumpy old developer with experience in C, C++, Java, .NET languages and any number of scripting type languages (Perl, Awk, PHP, Tcl, Python, Sh, ...)

On Unix (Linux, HP-UX, SunOs, Solaris, DEC, AIX etc) and Windows.

I know enough HTML CSS and JavaScript to be dangerous including some Bootstrap and React.

I can get stuff into and out of relational and noSQL databases (Mongo) through code I write or existing command line tools.

Comfortable with multi process / multi threaded systems (including shared resources)

I've even done some X11, assembly, pascal and cobol many years ago, but don't tell anyone about that...


Grumpy rant for the day

I suspect that the Debug button on visual studio, eclipse and all the other IDEs is simply a wizard that asks you a few questions about what is wrong and then posts a question to SO. Mine must be configured to go through to the "old" debugger...

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