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My first initial experience with Linux was Ubuntu 10.04 (I actually bought it on a DVD on eBay). This was when I was 15. I messed around with the live CD quite a bit, and eventually installed it, and had a partition set up on it for about a month.

Flash forward to 2016 I was having problems with Windows 10 installing a printer (also it upgraded my system even though my hardware can't support it, of course!) and I remembered that Ubuntu has built-in printer firmware that's extremely fast and simple, and honestly, much better than Windoze. So I go and download a live CD of Ubuntu 14.04 and the rest is history. I upgraded to 15.10 for a short while but am now using Kubuntu 16.04 and have been since nearly the day of its release. I have not booted up Windows in quite a long time.

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