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*If you really want to know...

Things I enjoy

  • Watching Movies (Edge of Tomorrow, Dark Shadows, Iron Man Trilogy, Kingsman)
  • Comics (Iron Man (Vol. 5 is my favorite), Flash (Started on new 52 so it has a special place in my heart), and scarlet witch (I wish they would make another dedicated series ;-;))
  • Coding, but I'm not astounding at it.
  • I love to build little robots to complete menial tasks around my house... However many aren't completely functional and I don't have enough money to get the needed parts :'(

Things I don't Like

  • Pasta - Boring and I hate it
  • People assuming my thought processes communicable
  • Being last. I hate being the failure. therefore I work my ass off not to be.
  • People expecting me to be normal. Sorry, but I enjoy who I am.

Otherwise I'm a person who wants to do many things but doesn't because the world requires me to be rich and I am not.

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