Emanuel Landeholm

Bandhagen, Stockholm, Sweden


Hello! I'm a computer programmer. I'm currently working as a freelance programmer. My areas of relative expertise and interests include:

  • Strong background in Computer Science topics like abstract datatypes and complexity analysis
  • Rehabilitated C programmer. I know my way around POSIX
  • Audio DSP geek with knowledge in synthesis and analysis methods
  • Knowledge in discrete mathematics, combinatorics, linear systems, numerical methods, calculus, probability theory, number theory
  • The fruitful intersection of functional and object oriented programming
  • Python 2/3, scipy/numpy and jupyter
  • Linux geek since the previous century (using, programming and administrating Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora and Gentoo)
  • The LAMP stack
  • Bash/Perl/Awk programming experience
  • Javascript apprentice with CSS, DOM and jQuery knowledge
  • Knowledge in (Common, e-) lisp and Scheme
  • C-64 coder (BASIC V2.0 and 6510 machine code)
  • Amiga 500 / MC68000 coder
  • HP-48 / RPN programming

Random achievements:

  • I have been involved in designing and programming a web search service essentially from the bottom up. Back end and front end.
  • I coded a Break Out clone in C and assembly for the Amiga 500 and another one in machine code for the C-64
  • Several man-months of machine coding demo effects on the C-64 and Amiga 500
  • I have contributed to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences: https://oeis.org/A290032
  • This is my github: https://github.com/elandeholm