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love anime, Japanese style, Cats and Pokemon.

I hate people who are bitches just to be one and cgeting yelled at for things i can not help.

Am 5'6 tall and i weight is 156.

I leave with my grandma shes 82 and has problems getting around so I help her.

Am 23 but in October I will be 24.

Video Games is love Video Games is life.

Matto : Darkness is a state of mind not imagination its not the dark you fear it is what lurks in it.

Favorite Pokemon: Eevee, Joteon, Umbreon, Slyvieon, Suicune, Yveltal, Mew and Darkrai.

Favorite food: its hard to pick but i love broccoli and cheese.

Shipping: SasuSaku, (Naruto) SesshoKegs, (Inuyasha) NaruMai (Ghost hunt)

Anime: Blue Gender, Inuyasha, Naruto, BLeach, FLCL, Ghost Hunt, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop,Pokemon and more can not think right now.

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