Mike G

Gainesville, FL, United States


My name is Mike and I work mostly in the web world doing development on web applications. I do full stack development in with Microsoft technologies. This means I mainly have experience in ASP.NET and MVC.NET. I've worked with C# since 2.0 and am currently developing most projects in 4.5.1.

Being a web developer means I have dealt with a lot of client-side frameworks. My current work has me using AngularJS and Bootstrap. I've been doing a lot of work with NodeJS in building our company's internal UI framework with these two technologies. I'm a big proponent with working with LESS.

I also do most of our team's build management tasks. I run our Team Foundation Server, Jenkins build server, and Gerrit.

On the side I have done some work with Java and other technologies. I have experience working with *nix based systems, both as a user and administering servers.