Miyamaedaira, Miyamae Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


My StackOverflow CV

I'm a freelance software developer. I'm probably available to work on your project, if you need someone and don't mind me working from Japan. I'm a US citizen, if it matters, and can bill via my US-based company or from Japan. I'm open to full-time engagements if you have a team of pleasant people to work with (or want me to make one for you).

I like doing Ruby on Rails, and Asp.Net MVC projects, although I'd be happy for an excuse to build something in Elixir with Phoenix or Scala, and I'm capable of working in Java. Most of the work I enjoy most is domain-layer and service-layer work. I'm spending a fair amount of time working with Docker recently, as well.

I can make a front end look nice while working with a visual designer, but am not a front-end specialist. I do know enough of Vue.js and old school jQuery to be useful, and I can probably be persuaded to work in React.

In previous lives, I've worked for Microsoft, Revenue Science (now Audience Science), Zillow, a travel company called Virtuoso, the Seattle Times, and a very strange financial/transportation conglomerate, and I've done software consulting in the pharmaceutical industry, apparel, e-commerce, and so on. I've also worked as a solutions engineer or solutions architect.

If you're interested in tracking down a reasonably competent Rails or ASP.net MVC developer and are located near Tokyo, Japan or don't mind me working mostly remotely, feel free to contact me. I'm open to regular travel outside of Japan if it makes things easier for the team.

I like to cook. I'm pretty good at it. Sometimes I post pictures of what I'm cooking and/or eating on Instagram.

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