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Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about himself. Also a couple of spare jacks. Jack of spades or jack of hearts? Not all jacks are black, but I guess half of them are, and the other half are red. Some say Jack has an ace up his sleeve, but some say jacks are wild. Some say if you've got the jack, that's a bad thing, but that's not what she said, but surely she meant a different Jack altogether. And if you have a flat tire, a jack is a pretty handy thing to have. Some say Jack is nimble, which is perhaps true, but it's really easier to go around the candlestick. Some blame Jill but I say Jack's his own man. Amberjack and applejack are definitely off the mark. Shadowjack, Jack of Shadows, 9Jack9, perhaps all are reflections of the One True Jack.

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