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I'm a freelance wannabe writer / translator... got a Philosophy bachelor degree... but who cares, anyway? Instead, I just love coding & learning!

Sometimes you can find me in Church [actually, quite a lot lately], so beware and be scared: I am one of those frightening Believer Monsters everyone should avoid, like fr. Georges Lemaître (Big Bang theory), fr. Gregor Mendel (Genetics), fr. Giuseppe Mercalli (Seismology), fr. William of Ockham (he had a very fearsome sharp razor...), bishop Niels Steensen [Steno] (Anatomy and Geology) André-Marie Ampère (Electromagnetism), Mikołaj Kopernik (Astronomy), Galileo Galilei [... and the list sadly continues and it is alarmly increased by countless number of Sacred Monsters (!) in the Middle Age...]number of Sacred Monsters (!) in the Middle Age...]

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