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Why am I not more active on Stack Exchange Home Improvement?
The Answer to that is 2-fold.

1st is, I had an EXTREMELY rude "welcome" from both users and
"Moderators", which was apparently the norm in 2016. Oh yes,
please join us, just don't correct us nor out do us and only
ever make way and bow to us. I got suspended twice in my first
month for being correct and the only sane person.

2nd is, there is no Wiki and therefore almost no point or end
to answering the same questions endlessly. Sorry but, this
site (like every other S.E. site) should be the Wiki itself by
now (2015 actually) with just what's missing from the Wiki
being answered. However, here too, they put Virtual Community
over reality. You know, wasting vast amounts of energy just to
be very sadly social.

Otherwise, I'm an over 30-year DIY-er. Because, from the start
at my first home I noticed "Professionals" and "Experts"
cutting corners and abusing their qualifications by only doing
what they think they can get away with.

I even had a recent (July 2019) pair of reminders with what I
expect to be my last house...where I aim to use the proper
materials and some better methods instead of rubber, plastic,
paint, caulk and wasted wood everywhere to hide poor work.

Can't Believes:
Vessel Sinks - Whole room or house Recessed Lighting - Most
anything Plastic - Programming Word-wrap for the IDIOTS here.

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