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Shadab Hussain


Shadab is a Data Scientist at The Math Company and before, he worked as an Associate Data Scientist at Proven Consult and a Systems Engineer (Data Science) at Infosys Ltd. He has earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science from the International Institute of Information Technology (India) and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (India). His areas of research interests include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Quantum Computing. He also gave a workshop on Python for Data Science at Electronics for You conference in Bangalore and he was also invited at MozFest London by Mozilla where he delivered a talk on Twitter-Driven MozFest-Storytelling. He also worked as a Consultant for Pluralsight wherein his role was to help them creating and reviewing blueprints/questions for their assessments. He is also the Organizer of Quantum Computing India & PyData Mysore and Co-Organizer of Bangalore Data Science #ODSC where he is building a community of Data Scientists and organizing meetups for collaborative learning and networking. Also, he was one of the Program Committee members of the best leading data science conference, i.e., Open Data Science Conference India 2019. Also, he volunteers for Google as Explore ML Facilitator and provides training on machine learning. He is also an editor for Quantum Computing India publication on medium.