Jason Jackson

Rapid City, SD

I am a software developer by trade but like many programmers it is also a hobby. My first program was written on a Commodore 64. In college I wrote C++, Fortran and a touch of Pascal.

I started my professional career doing web development before the bubble (the one around 2001) using ASP, PERL, Java and SQL. Over the years I have spent a lot of time programming for the web and the desktop.

The current app I am building is an Angular2 app using ngrx, based on a stack that includes WebApi, SQL Server Datawarehouse, and nifty languages like C#, TypeScript, SQL, and LESS.

I enjoy snowboarding, travel and baseball. The latter two hobbies are shared with my wife. My wife and I have seen games at numerous spring training, major league, and minor league ball parks.

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