I use Perl 6, Perl 5, R, Java and anything else that is needed.

Utilizo Perl 5, Perl 6, R, Java, o lo que sea necesario.

A good explanation of creating good reproducible R questions

How to get help in R

PerlĀ 6's rotor (the "king of list manipulation").

Perl 6 tidbits

I use Perl 6 as much as I can, because it makes so many tasks easier.

Creating command line tools

A complete working command-line script stored in the file called two_args.p6:

#!/bin/env perl6
sub MAIN ($name, $place)
    say "Hello $name, welcome to $place!";

That would easily fit into one line, and it still be readable:

sub MAIN ($name, $place) { say "Hello $name, welcome to $place!"; }

And here is the automatically generated USAGE message if you don't use the right number of arguments:

  two_args.p6 <name> <place>
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