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There are two important facts about me that I feel I should point out:

  1. I don't believe that insults are a proper retort to prove a point. Only the implementation of a Logical argument has any effect on me. If a comment I make is just so inconceivably taboo, I would gladly acknowledge, accept and apologize for it, provided that I am not insulted in the process.

    If I say something 'stupid,' please do me the courtesy of explaining what makes it 'stupid' without just calling me names. I'm sure you would prefer the same respect from a stranger with no background with you.

  2. If anyone is offended or in anyway emotionally unsettled by something I say, then I will fully own up to and apologize for it once informed of the offense. I'm not here to 'start' with people. I simply wish to offer my thoughts and, more importantly, hear and consider the thoughts of others. If and only if necessary, I would be willing to delete anything offensive or overly-questionable that I've said if it quelled any unintended upset.

    After all, there is no reason to start fights online, and I despise actions without reasons, so any rudeness or foolishness on my part is most likely to be simple naivety.

Many Thanks

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