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I've just made a blog Bloggoat, I'd mean a lot if you'd take a look—

I'm Vihan also known as Downgoat. I'm a ES6 person but I've been using Python, NASM assembly, and C recently (which I pretend to know).

I use Neovim for programming and a MacBook as my computer.

I've been working on a language named Cheddar which is a high-level, OO + functional language.

Additionally I've been working on a package manager, Cheesecloth.

Cool things I've made:

  • TeaScript is JavaScript for golfing
  • Solar System Simulator is a newtonian gravity simulator designed to let you make your own solar system.

Favorite answers:

  • MS Paint is underrated
  • Code Golf: Forwards sdrawkcaB sdrawkcaB Forwards Forwards sdrawkcaB
  • Empty a Swimming Pool . . . With Only a Red Solo Cup

You can usually find me in the 19th Byte if not just leave a message with @Downgoat

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