Maths Student, Linux enthusiast and martial Artist.

I am a third year undergraduate in Mathematics at Kings College London.

I tinker with Linux and my current project is to get a working touchscreen interface on my HP Stream Tablet. I use, Arch, debian, ubuntu and mint. Haven't decided which I prefer yet.

My main style of martial art is Shorinji kempo, a style that specialises in wristlocks, and strikes to accupoints. It also has various healing techniques designed to relieve the pain and damage done by both wrist locks and strikes of this kind.

I am keen to stress that unlike many people I do not accept the idea of ki or Qi or Chi as a life energy. I also do not accept the notion of meridians as anything other than a way to find accupoints. Nor do I believe that accupressure or accupuncture has uses beyond those noted above. There is too much medical evidence for me to doubt it's ineffectiveness.