SouthWest USA... Somewhere.

I find myself trickling through code often,

I enjoy programming hardware, ie. Arduino/ESP type microcontrollers. Adafruit DIY stuff is fun.

I enjoy a good challenge, even to the point of pulling my hair out of frustration, but can easily recognize defeat... but is it?

MAC, PC, LINUX *NIX takes the cake, but Apple stuck a fork in it and polished it all up.

I have my merry way with my raspberry pi, and love the efforts done by the community.

I enjoy all kinds of higher lvl lang, {like: [C, Python, JavaScript, Node, PHP, HTMLx]}

But most of all I find myself enjoying JavaScript and it's many every evolving and growing collection of frameworks... yeeeeah.

I also love Node-red.

I can honestly say on here that: I love LAMP. I love LAMP. I think you know what I MEAN.

I can read a manual, or textbook material before fictional.

I love StarWars and StarTrek, is that so wrong? But I'de have pick SW if I could only carry one.

I also enjoy Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics, and lectures on youtube : Einstein Feynman Susskind PBS SpaceTime Coding Tutorials etc etc etc

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