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Answers I'm most proud of, not by votes:

  • Is an operator or syntax?
  • Why does this array-like object behave like this?
  • Why does this comma inside a ternary operator throw a syntax error in JavaScript?
  • Block-level variable redeclaration with var vs. let/const
  • How does hoisting work if JavaScript is an interpreted language?
  • Why doesn't this assignment throw a ReferenceError?
  • Why does instanceof evaluate to true here?
  • Do reserved words need to be quoted when set as property names of JavaScript objects?
  • List element value returns wrong values when accessing attribute
  • What does pipe ( | ) mean in ML Programming?
  • Why is this an invalid assignment left hand side?
  • Does Java have a “private protected” access modifier?

"The road to success is always under construction."

If you ask a question that is clear, concise, not broad, shows research effort, and has an MCVE, it's bound to be well-received. Do not be discouraged if your question or answer is downvoted - there's always room to improve! Editing to fit the requirements is always a good idea.

There's always a reason for an action. If your question is closed, read the dialog and improve accordingly. Read and listen to the comments and feedback from other users! Good questions and answers are bound to be upvoted.

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