Found out pretty early that once you start in the technology and programming world there is NO ESCAPE. But I've found it alright so far, so I guess I can live with that. I get a thrill from making intuitive programs but my real dream is to design video games. Currently trying to learn as much as I can about how games are made in order to make that happen. It should be noted that there is a distinction between "game programmer" and "game designer." While I lean towards are of the "designer" side I would relish the opportunity to work as a programmer as well. On that note, I'm well aware that a designer isn't simply a guy/gal who thinks up ideas, in fact, that's probably not what you'd do at all. Rather it is to identify how to make a game fun and what additions or improvements in the game play and sometimes story will help a game be successful. Oh look, listen to me ramble about game design. Chances are if you're checking out my profile you aren't interested in hiring a game designer. Well, since this is supposed to be about me I guess I decided to get a bit overly passionate. Either way I love programming in general and I also have a good amount of experience with computer hardware and circuit design to boot! I also come from the flattest land in the world so you know I've seen a lot (because there's no hills obscuring anything here in Saskatchewan). One more thing, I'm filled to the brim with useless yet interesting trivia, so if you ever wanted to learn that a narwhal's horn is technically a tooth then I'm your guy!

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