Jacob Henning

Phoenix, AZ, United States


About Me

Hey there,

My name is Jacob. I'm a web developer currently taking classes to get my Bachelor of Science at Grand Canyon University. I began coding in high school and taught myself a large portion of what I know.


Things I've learned or used before

  • C#

  • C++

  • Python

  • AppleScript

Things I used on a daily basis

  • PHP

  • JavaScript

  • GIT

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bells and whistles like AJAX, jQuery, bootstrap, and so on.

Things I rarely use but need to know

  • MySQL / SQL

Current Goals

  • Get a part-time job that is flexible

  • Trying to launch a web development company. I've made a few bucks.

  • Graduate Grand Canyon University


Here are a few facts about me.

Things I love

  • Dynamic Code

I love writing dynamic code just as much as I love working with it. It is fun to think of a system that solves every problem.

  • Backpacking

I love going out with my friends and exploring the outdoors.

  • Coffee

But what web developer doesn't?

Things I hate

  • Half Done UX

Come on! Nobody wants a bad User Experience!

  • Major Updates

Well... Throw away your code and start over.

  • Burned Coffee

It's rough...

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