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Denver, CO

Work on a small team (consisting of four standard nerds) managing an isolated network of about 150 workstations across six sites in two states. Been here over six years (and I still get excited to go to work everyday)!! Everyone does everything (architecture, network, server, workstation, software, etc.) though each of us has our particular strengths.

I'm primarily responsible for web application/database development (.NET using C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET), but also do a bunch in the network/system security realm (pretty good at Group Policy, 802.1x, PKI, ePolicy Orchestrator). Really good at (but really hate) SCCM.

We have to manage our own network. Use a bunch of (relatively new) Cisco gear, so got good at IOS 12 out of necessity.

I have a blog where I write down answers to really esoteric sys admin problems that aren't easily found elsewhere on the Interweb.

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