Lasse Brustad


  • Name: Lasse Brustad
  • Age: 19
  • Lives in: Norway
  • Main coding languages: HTML, CSS and JS. JSON and NodeJS too because of JS
  • Other languages: PHP, MySQL, Java, XML and Windows Batch files

I'm working as a web developer for a company named Sense Communication (translated from the norwegian name "Sense Kommunikasjon")

At my free time, I do code websites using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL for peoples if they pay, or I do just help and teach them for free, and I do code some shit for learning and to have more fun with coding

To care about my health as a developer, I do go to the gym often and focus on my upper body

Of course, I do have fun with friends, trying to get a girlfriend (atleast atm when I'm writing this), making friends and so on! That's important because of the social part of the life ;)

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