JDB still remembers Monica

Chattanooga, TN

A professional software engineer. I currently work at Skuid building a code-free UX design platform.

I have extensive experience in javascript, html, css, apex, .net (c#, vb, f#, wpf, asp.net-mvc, etc.), sas, sql (sql-server, db2 and sybase) and regular-expressions. I've also tinkered with xna, including teaching a college-level introductory course, and android applications (written using java).

Dev Ops tools I've used include git, iterm2, zsh, jenkins, npm, ant and vim. I'm also familiar enough with clearcase to know that it's inferior to git.

My Amazon Wishlist, in case I offer any help that you find exceptionally valuable.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community of helpful professionals! #SOreadytohelp

Formerly: Cyborgx37

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