Tad Hasse

Brownsville, TX

Presently the IT Tech for Brownsville Municipal Court. Shockley invented the transistor the year I was born. Self taught in electronics from age 8. Inventor, ENTP personality type (does it show?) Worked at Radio Shack for eight years starting at the introduction of the TRS-80 Model 1.I speak fluent sarcasm, Englich, and Spanish. Loved by most, hated by a few that I hate right back. Frequent commentator on world events because my opinion is more important than other people's facts. I can fix anything, except a broken heart. A fair machinist, an excellent mechanic and problem solver. The bane of those who live in boxes and a pretty fair writer, to boot. I am expert in many dead computer languages, like MASM,BASIC, and dBase II and 3. Frequently voted most likely to disassemble a Christmas gift. Bringer of Donuts. A ps: Likely the last of my generation to own,operate, and understand vacuum tube equipment from when the world was analog (see Lord of the Rings)

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