R Yisroel Meir Vogel

Baltimore, MD

I was a Rebbe in Philadlephia for 24 years, teaching 1-4 grades at a Jewish Day School. I also ran a branch (twig?) of Aish Hatorah for 3 or so years in the mid 80s. In the 90s I ran a Day camp for the school for 8 seasons. In 1999, I started a weekly Chumash shiur (on the same Aliyah each week, changing Aliyos every Simchos Torah) in one of the Shuls that lasted until 2006. Since 2007, I have been dealing with certain personal issues, which have made it difficult to teach outside of occasional substituting. Recovering from an illness, I spent much time thinking about and improving my davening. One way of improvement was to attemp to focus on the true meaning and the structure of davening. I have made many nots which have been praised by some fine Rebbeim and mechanchim. I hope, B'ezras haShem, to one day publish them under the title "Me'at B'chavanah."

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