Vasco Ferreira


I finished my graduation in Business Management and currently I am starting my Mastery Degree in Business Management.

I am a newbie in coding / programming, I just like to learn and it sometimes helps me to achieve a better performance be it in college or internships.

The first program I have made, I've made it using Python, just gets data from an excel file and then creates another excel file with the data ready to be imported to the website of the company. This program reduced to 20 minutes what would instead take 75 minutes.

Now I am learning what is AI, be it for games, work or any ideas I might have.

What I have been learning so far:

  1. Using a Linux system;
  2. Using Spacemacs (Emacs);
  3. Excel VBA;
  4. Python Programming
    1. Pandas library;
    2. Machine Learning: Keras library:
      1. ANN;
      2. CNN;
      3. LSTM.
    3. Scraping websites with Scrapy;
    4. Download data from websites with Requests and BeautifulSoup;
    5. Creating a website with Django.
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