Celebrate the fight! Together we strive! Our righteous Opposition will always survive! Formal sciences will not break the strike! Rest not until they've all gone to the Hague. Research for our human rights!

  • 我們都是弱勢群體 We all belong to disadvantaged groups.
  • 女權就是平權 Feminism is equity.
  • 女性要戰鬥、女性要反抗、染血的棉條撒滿天安門廣場 Women have to fight, women have to resist, let the blood-stained tampons plaster over the Tiananmen Square.
  • 酷兒解放就是全人類的解放 The liberation of queer people is the liberation of humanity.
  • 不要皇帝要總統 Remove Emperor Xi, and elect our own presidents.
  • 不要人大要立院 Disband the rubber-stamping People's Congress, and elect our own parliaments.
  • 不要中國要解體 Disintegrate the Chinese empire for self-governing.
  • 不要中央要自決 Dissolve the central government for self-determination.
  • 不當反賊當反對黨 Be not mere "rebelling thieves" but the Opposition forces.
  • 中共才是反動勢力 The CCP is the "(para-Hegelian) anti-historic power".
  • 我們才是人民 We are the righteous citizens.
  • 打倒習奧賽斯庫 Remove Xiausescu.
  • 公審中共法西斯 Trial the Chinese Communist Party fascists.


You're wrong. "Algebraic geometry" is an open-world video game independently developed by Diophantus, Ptolemy, Descartes, et al, and later optimized by Kronecker, Zariski, et al. The story takes place in a fictional world named "the k-algebras", in which those chosen by Grothendieck will be bestowed "fiber functors", inducing the theurgy of "higher stacks". You will play as a "grassroots mathematical enthusiast", encountering "cohomology theories" with different constructions and characteristics in the "Lurie structure," annihilating the "localization functor", recovering the long-lost "terminal element", and discovering the truth behind the "MOTIF" and the "Riemann hypothesis".

(Although if you don't speak Chinese you probably still won't get the joke...)

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