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Author's Note: I'll do my best to shorten it and shave off as much of the word-fluff as I can, so that you may actually be able to read my bio without wanting rip your hair out. So please do forgive me if this begins to sound monotone and/or un-excited in any way, because there is very much passion within what I intend to tell you about myself. the Lord my God Jesus Christ has so lovingly, purposefully blessed me with these many talents and passions of which I shall be used to further His plan and kingdom and give all glory and praise to Him, the One who so graciously, lovingly, purposefully created me.

God has blessed me with a purpose that has not yet fully been revealed to me, although I know that it is far better than anything that I could ever possibly imagine. Jesus loves you.
私の趣味は…Le arts; painting (mainly in watercolors), drawing (graphite pencil. I rarely use pen to draw the Lord's masterpieces), I have been playing the cello for about 5 years now, and I do enjoy musical composition. I also dabble in playing my guitar and photography.
学校…I've been learning Japanese for about 2 1/2 years, and I have been blessed with the very bestest Japanese teacher (she is also an amazing human being in general) the Lord has ever created.

Here's some of my extra word-fluff:

The Lord is my Creator, my veins are made of roots and the life-source of Nature is my blood, a reflection of Nature's most perfect, beautiful, and pure forest has been planted upon the soils of my iris, my heart soars within the majesty of a herd of free and wild mustangs, and my mind roars with the voice of God and and the deep, fiery, wholly burning passion of the Holy Spirit burns deeply within my soul all to live this life for my God's glory and to praise Him.

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