A Child of God

Florida, USA


Although young, I am a creationist who defends the Word of God. I have two websites dedicated to encouraging other Believers and defending God's Word. The one dedicated to defending God's Word is still under construction. I am yet to reveal it fully. It is meant to counter a website that appears to be dedicated to exposing contradictions in the Bible. If anyone has evidence for the Word of God, let me know.

I accidentally found out how to comment on a question even if you can't comment (which normally require 50 rep.) on 11/3/15 about 4 o'clock. Answer the question with a trivial answer and it will turn into a comment! Not the best idea, only do so if you are really desperate! Even then not the best idea. Doing to much might get you in trouble (like banned?).

I am in at the least 12 SE sites so far. I started with Christianity.SE and I am now at Stats.SE (a.k.a. Cross Validated). I am on almost everyday looking for questions to answer. I am not on all 12 everyday (although I should be). I am a ninth grader that is 14 years old. Even though I am young, I can still answer questions with accuracy.