Toulouse, France

I hope I can help resolving questions in here.

I usually dislike forum style things as there are a few 'cowboys' that think they are 'so clever' and spend their time defending what they think to be 'their place', but I found so many solutions to my problems on SO that I really would like to contribute back.

Consider my comment as propositions, I don't think the solutions I propose are the best ever for at least two reasons: * I have little time to contribute, thus sometime it is difficult to write the best solution I would like to see. * People are free to implement their stuff the way they like, I prefer stressing some weaknesses and proposing some sample code to illustrate than flaming those that disagree just to preserve some misplaced proud. * I am just a Human being, I make mistakes like anyone

I usually remove my posts when someone proposes something I consider being better, that's why, instead of downvoting my proposition, one would better post an other solution so that the question eventually gets a very good solution instead of a one rated -2 with 40 people saying that they would do better without doing anything...