Barnes, Londra, Regno Unito

Six years experienced C/C++ software engineer, strong academic background (110 cum laude MSc), with clear, logical mind and with a practical approach to problem solving. Great Object Oriented skills and knowledge of design patterns practiced on both C++ and Java, but also fairly long exposure to procedural programming in C, which I have been using in both linux kernel and user space. Multithreaded/multi-core exposures? I’ve also been working on real-time scheduling algorithms and integrating them in OS schedulers of different RTOS. My past experiences gave me the opportunity to develop independence and autonomy although at the moment, I am appreciating how rewarding can be to work in a team spread across different countries, learning from more skilled people and mentoring new hired employees. I strongly believe that knowledge and experience must flow within the company through communication, a company is made by people and if they grow so the company does. That’s why I am seeking a company that can give me the possibility to challenge my technical background and to keep my communication skills sharpened. I always face problems looking for the best solution within the deadline. Organizing priorities is a must, agile methodologies provide the appropriate recipe to reach the best solution.

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