Madison, WI

I'm not a computer guy. I like photography, bicycling, and fixing things.

Software I've used: dos 1.1 through 6, win 95 through vista, BeOS, kde 2 through 4, HP-UX, Solaris, gnome 2, Icewm, Jwm, Ubuntu, Debian, PClinuxOS, Opie, Mac OS-6 through OS-X, PuppyLinux, Opera 3 through 16, Arachne dos browser.

Some hardware: HP-11c, Kaypro 16, Sharp pc3100, Apple Newton, Palm IIIxe, IBM pc portable, Psion Revo, Sharp SL-5500, and plain old pc's.

I currently use an Asus m3n-78-vm, a 21 inch Hitachi crt, and a keyboard from about 1988 (AT plug).

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