Douglas Daseeco is a director of research and development, intelligent systems architect, robotic systems engineer, educational service provider, business intelligence tooling expert, and technology trainer.

Douglas's experience spans domains and technologies, having led projects and initiative in organizations including United Technologies Research Center, CitiGroup, DirecTV (redundant satellite communications), TranSeed Research (alternative energy), Humana Innovations (healthcare mobile apps), Nasdac Analytics (R&D), Amex (statistical quality control of collections outsourcing), NTT (services provisioning), Aetna Investment Management, Kaman, TYCO, ITT Financial, and South Florida Water Management District.

His commitment is to the creation of systems that differentiates the organizations he serves from their competitors. Douglas Daseeco specializes in intelligent systems, real time instrumentation and control, machine learning and modelling, distributed computing, and system security business, industrial, and consumer products and services that lead to substantial and sustainable market leads.

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