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Laurent Claessens

Padua, Italy

Master in physics, PhD in math (non commutative geometry).

My main personal personal project is to write on "universal course of math". Since I have to manage a 3000-pages LaTeX file, I've developed some tools in Python. The main ones are :

  1. phystricks Create tikz code from a Python script using the power of sage. My pictures in mazhe and smath are produced with that.
  2. pytex. A LaTeX pre-compilation script. Allows to check if some \ref are before the corresponding \label and to perform arbitrary string manipulations on the LaTeX code before to compile it.

External links :

  • homepage
  • my github page
  • Le Frido - my big math course (in French)
  • mazhe : (almost) everything I know in math (with a research part in English)
  • phystricks. Create tikz code from a python script. Automatic computation of the bounding box, put arbitrary LaTeX code where you want on the picture (much more powerful than psfrag), get tangent and normal vector to an (more or less) arbitrary curve, etc. Almost everything sage can compute, phystricks can draw. And --of course-- for complex figures, you are programming in Python instead of programming in LaTeX.

Oh and yes : my kids are cuter than yours.